MSX Magazine Special Issue for EM · ONEα
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MSX Magazine Special Issue for EM · ONEα is a Japanese book officially released for ¥1,000 on 20 December 2008 by ASCII Media Works and EMOBILE. It is for users of EMONSTER (S11HT), EMONSTER Lite (S12HT), and Touch Diamond (S21HT) smartphones equipped with Windows Mobile 6.

It Includes a CD-ROM with version 5 of MSX-PLAYer emulating an MSX1, 2 games with thorough commentary in the book (Bokosuka Wars - Hanafuda Koi-Koi) and 8 homebrew games (Gong - Gunyu Wari - In the Hunt - Interstellar Special Attack Unit - Jump Up !! - Number Alien - Oshibat - Perio Memories).

The book contains also tips to use the emulator and a contest to create new games in MSX-BASIC on this system.

On this occasion, ASCII Media Works also opened the official "M Maga Club" site (closed now) and distributed the MSX games from users listed below for Windows Mobile there. The site was accessible from "EMNetサービス" -> "MSX" for registrants (2,480 ~ 6,460 yen per month!!!).

  • Batting That Must Not Discourage You (くじけちゃいけないバッティング)
  • Durl
  • Floating Stone (浮遊石)
  • Gold Room F
  • Janken Game
  • Ogiss
  • Pacocche!!
  • Puzzlers Bomb Ring (パズラーズボムリング)
  • Rescue The Planet & Fun Arithmetic (2in1)
  • Shadow Hero 2R

Each was downloadable for from 105 yen except Gold Room that was free. Other games seem to have been released later.


MSX MAGAZINE Special Issue EM · ONEα Edition
MSX MAGAZINE Special Issue inside
MSX MAGAZINE Special Issue with CD-ROM
MSX-Player on eMobile (EM · ONEα)