MSX Mozaïk 03
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MSX Mozaïk 03



Published in July/August 1985.

It's the first number without the participation of DAInamic VZW. It was viewed as number 4 by mistake during the eighties.

Main content

General info

  • Number Configurations (Getallenconfiguraties)
  • Interview with Curt Roth (Micro Technology)

Hardware reviews

Software reviews


Part of this software can be found on the Best of MSX Mozaïk 1985 disk.


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation
FUNCTIES.BAS Functional Sequence
(Functie Verloop)
Sylvain Doclo MSX1
GONFIE.BAS Gon Fies Graphics Sylvain Doclo MSX1


MSX-BASIC loader Title Author Generation
BIBLIOTHE.BAS Library (Bibliotheek) MSX Mozaïk MSX1
MSX Sprite Loader F. Van Goor MSX1
SPRITEMA.BAS MSX Sprite Maker F. Van Goor MSX1