MSX Mozaïk 08/09
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MSX Mozaïk 08/09



Published in Summer 1986.

Main content

General info

  • Bankswitching
  • Paging
  • New MSX-BASIC instructions on MSX2
  • MSX Extensions (MSX Uitbreidingen) - technical articles from the Elektuur magazine (without the PCB design and component setup):
    • 1: Universal bus, A/D converter, and 8-bit I/O card adapted for MSX
    • 2: MSX ROM cartridge DIY

Hardware reviews

Software reviews


Part of this software can be found on the MSX Mozaïk 1986 disk with probably some extras. However, it is difficult to be sure for the file names, without having a disk image.


Title Author Generation
Capital Letters
MSX Mozaïk MSX1
Spritetest MSX Mozaïk MSX1
Text and Color
(Tekst en Kleur)
Ineke Essenburg MSX1
VDP Demo MSX Mozaïk MSX1


Title Author Generation Soundchips Notes
Chopper MSX Mozaïk MSX1 PSG
Obstacle Course
MSX Mozaïk MSX1 PSG Part 1 of the listing


Title Author Generation Notes
A/D Converter Graphic Test Elektuur MSX1
C. Hopstaken MSX1
Cursor Variables
MSX Mozaïk MSX1
Draw3 (Tekenen3) P. Kienhuis MSX1
Functionkeys (Functietoetsen) F.G. Jonkeren MSX1
Hexdump Elektuur MSX1
I/O Test 1 Elektuur MSX1
I/O Test 2 Elektuur MSX1
Sector Utility Evert Cranendonk MSX1
Unbreakable (Onbreekbaar) MSX Mozaïk MSX1
Videotapes (Videobanden) MSX Mozaïk MSX1 Part 2 of the listing


  • Corrections to use Kasboek (Hobbyscoop) on MSX with Basicode