MSX Mozaïk 18
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MSX Mozaïk 18



Published in January/February 1988.

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  • RAM-disk and Memory Mapper
  • Printer ready?
  • Tips and Tricks (6)

Hardware reviews

Software reviews


Most of this software can also be found on the MSX Mozaïk 88/01 disk, with some extra games (Drum, Duck, Wall Street) and the Disk Free utility from MSX Mozaïk 14/15.


Title Author Generation Notes
Hexdump CHS MSX1 Boot while pressing the CTRL key
Memory Disk Utility CHS MSX2 Memory Mapper required
Uses MemoryDisk BASIC
WIDTH 80 recommended before RUN
Menu Driven Program Loader A.A. Havenaar MSX1
Printer Ready Bram de G. MSX1 Two versions
Program Version MSX Mozaïk MSX1


  • Turbo Pascal: Sector Copy

Playing tips