Madonna Mark II
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Madonna Mark II is a video game designer, programmer and composer. He entered the MSX scene around 1999, when he co-founded Matra Computer Automations, creating four video games for the MSX2 during this period. After his departure from Matra in 2001, he pursued a solo career under the brand Guzuta Raster Leisure, publishing two free video games for the MSX, presented at the MSXdev'04 contest. One of these two, Sink-King, won the first price. In 2009 he teamed up with his all-time friend and fellow hard-coder True Video to form Video Hazard. Retaliot, their first release, featured the almighty Jonathan "Joffa" Smith as guest graphic designer.

Since late 2011 he has ceased publishing MSX video games (see FAQ/F*CK), following and endorsing Kralizec’s decision to shut their doors. He founded Crestaco the same year and got involved in several projects including iOS & Mac OS X development (Litter Chaos, MajiKazo iOS/OS X) and the C64 band Hardware-Bangers.

In 2016 he bumped his name to Madonna Mark III and founded the one-man/multiple-systems band SILICON SEX, creating video games for a wide variety of 8-bit and early 16-bit consoles, and devising all sorts of technology perversions.


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