MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD compatibility settings
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A list of MSX Cartridge Shop MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD compatibility settings for loading particular ROMs and disk files.

This fantastic cartridge by Manuel Pazos works as a slot expander in slot 1. Moreover there are so many hardware combinations that can create problems with this. This wiki tries to list all the solutions found to solve problems with strange configurations like MSX2 machines upgraded to 2+ for example. It means that if it works on these strange configurations maybe it works fine on standard MSX.

The read-back fix of the cartridge is a feature that emulates the non-conventional RAM access that some software uses. Without this fix software which accesses the memory in a non-standard way doesn’t recognize the 512K ram of the MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD.

If you want to emulate it with openMSX emulator have a look at Emulating MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD with openMSX.

Rom gameOptionNoteRead-back fix
ALIENS 2/UGame doesn't work in subslot
FAMICLE PARODICAny workaround would be welcome
FIREBALL/A16 /UGame doesn't work in subslot neither recognizes romtype
GAUNTLET (msx2)/A8 /UGame doesn't work in subslot neither recognizes romtype
MANBOW 2/UDoesn't work in subslot /u option needed
METAL GEAR 2/UGame doesn't work in subslot. There is also an IPS patch[1]
PENGUIN KUN WARS 2/A16 /UGame doesn't work in subslot
PENNANT RACE 2/UGame doesn't work in a subslot
R-TYPE/UGame doesn't work in subslot if FM-Pac is on slot 2
RASTAN SAGA/A8 /UGame doesn't work in subslot neither recognizes romtype
RETURN OF ISHTAR/A16 /UGame doesn't work in subslot
RIYADH/A8 /UDemo doesn't work in subslot neither recognizes romtype
YS 2/K5 /UGame doesn't work in subslot neither recognizes romtype
Rom softwareOptionNoteRead-back fix
MOONBLASTER 1.4 MOONBLASTER PLAYER/DxMAP.COM or other Tricks to make it work with Dos2/Nextor don't work often. If you want a Juke-Box use, you can prepare .FDx disk-set where .FD1 contains the program and othe .FDx contains the music. Then you can flash them with the command line (or a batch file).
MULTIPLE DISK SET WITH .FDx extension/Dx /NIf you want to flash .FDx disk set from MM it works. If you want to add for example /N option and you choose the command line you must specify the n° of the disk adding the /Dx option before the /N
UNKNOWN REALITYIt works only as music replayer and if you flash disksIt works also from SD and DOS2

Here's a list of ROMs with problems that might be confused as an MFRSCC+SD issue (but actually are not):

Rom gameProblemSolution
Metal Gear (J) (including the fan re-translation[2])Does not work on European MSXThere is a fix: [3]

Also a list of key combinations for extra compatibility (press key when booting until bootmessage disappears) for MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD (MFR SCC+ SD)

Description KeyNote
Disable diskinterface MFR SCC+ SD (slot 1)RSCC and memory mapper still available
Skip MAPDRV Virtual Disk0If you used MAPDRV on NEXTOR to mount a DSK as a drive. To unmount it delete NEXT_DSK.DAT file
Disable diskinterface MFR SCC+ SD (slot 2)FSCC and memory mapper still available
Enable 60Hz on 50Hz computersF5Temporary enable 60Hz on Non-Japanese computers
Disable MFR SCC+ SDRESETTemporary disable complete MFR SCC+ SD when holding RESET for 5 seconds
Enable SCC-I soundSEnable SCC-I sound for Snatcher/SD Snatcher
Disk change (FDD emulation)SPACEDisk change during game: press SPACE and then 1,2,3... (0 for FDD -> disk save, for example in SD Snatcher) when game asks for disk change
Use (larger/equal size) external memory mapper instead of primary mapper4Only available for MSX Turbo R as other MSX models already take the largest mapper. Internal speed: R800-ROM, external I/O speed: Z80