Mein Home Computer
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Mein Home Computer, commonly abbreviated to HC, ' was a German computer magazine that published from November 1983 until October 1986 (36 issues). It was replaced by "CHIP". The magazine was not dedicated to any particular system, although the main focus seems to have been the C64 and Schneider (Amstrad) CPC, and had a few issues feature MSX content.

The below linked issues feature MSX content.

For additional issues, check out the Internet archive

Issue MSX content
1984-04 [1] Brief mention of MSX as an upcoming standard
1984-12 [2] Brief overview of VG-8000, SVI-728 and HB-55P
1985-05 [3] Sanyo MPC-64 news
"Super Memory" listing by Volker Becker
1985-07 [4] CE-TEC MPC-80 news
MSX-BASIC Lexikon book review
MSX-BASIC overview
1985-08 [5] MSX Computer comparison
Yamaha Synth (Synthi im msx-pelz)
A few MSX software reviews (Der anfang is gemacht)
1985-09 [6] "Monkey" listing by Volker Becker
1985-10 [7] "Pacman" listing by T. Gebel
"Haushaltskasse" listing by Günter Liesner
1985-11 [8] "Diagramm" listing by Volker Becker
Road fighter game test
1985-12 [9] "Logo-Interpreter" demo listing by Günter Liesner
1986-01 [10] Softcard and Beecard news
MSX2: Ein Standard wird verbessert
"Laufschrift" demo listing by Günter Liesner
1986-02 [11] "Sprite Designer" listing by Günter Liesner
1986-03 [12] Laser MSX2 review
"Frogger" listing by Volker Becker
1986-06 [13] Three new MSX from Sony (HB-F9P, HB-F700D, HB-10D)
1986-08 [14] Yamaha CX5M in the MIDI report