Micomsoft Sensor Kid
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Sensor Kid is a cartridge released by Micomsoft and Sony in 1988 as Sony HBJ-H081C.

The cartridge is sold with three sensors to read the light, sound and temperature. The cartridge also has an output for controlling one or two external devices.

It contains a 32kB ROM with

  • a built-in program that requires a MSX2 with at least 64kB RAM and 128kB VRAM
  • new BASIC instructions to control all parameters on any MSX generation - see SensorKid BASIC.

Official price: ¥6,800

The Sensor Kid program with its sensors is emulated by openMSX.


Sensor Kid in action
Sensor Kid box
Sensor Kid box (underside)
Sensor Kid box with content
Sensor Kid cartridge with sensors
Sensor Kid PCB


The thermosensor (or thermistor) can measure a temperature between -25 and 90° C.

This cartridge uses the MSX ports #00 and #01 to select the sensor to read and send a signal ON/OFF to command ports. It can't be used simultaneously with the MSX-AUDIO Philips NMS 1205 Music Module that uses the same ports as MIDI outputs.


  • input for optical sensor (photo transistor) - jack marked: 光センサー
  • input for temperature sensor (thermosensor or thermistor) - jack marked: 温度センサー
  • input for sound sensor (microphone) - jack marked: 音センサー
  • output for controlling one or two external devices