Micomsoft XRGB-Mini
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The Framemeister XRGB-Mini is sold in Japan. It allows to connect a MSX with a composite video (RCA), RGB21 or S-Video ouput to monitors with a DVI (DVI-D/DVI-I) or HDMI connector. An short cable RGB DIN to RGB21 is included but the HDMI to DVI cable is optional.

This brand is popular among retro gamers for its Framemeister upscalers despite the high prices. It supports also the digital RGB used by Fujitsu and Pioneer.

It is powered with the DC 5V adapter included.

The XRGB-Mini can be used as Micro-SD card reader by connecting it to a PC USB port. This allows the firmware to be updated.

Price: 38,800 yen + Tax

Tested with the Fujitsu FM-X, SONY HB-F1XD and Panasonic FS-A1ST.


XRGB-Mini packaging
XRGB-Mini back
XRGB-Mini box
XRGB-Mini box back