Mitsubishi ML-ROBO
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The Mitsubishi ML-ROBO is a Radio Control Robot released in 1984 in Japan and United Kingdom. The product code is 58L-900. It can be used on any MSX computer with at least 16kB RAM.

The package includes a mini-robot, a communication module (tranmitter case), an antenna for the module and a manual.

This robot operates at 27Mhz, the transmitter case has a Centronics connector to be used for the connection with the MSX computer, both the robot and the communication module have locations for batteries.

Launch price: ¥12,800

Some extras were available separately:

  • a tape or floppy disk with software
  • a control tray to be added to the module


The tape or floppy disk includes a software allowing to control the robot, with options to save its movements on tape or disk.

A simplified programming language named C-BOL is also included. It was aimed at users who wanted to make advanced actions with the robot.

Note: The ML-F120 and ML-F120D computers have this software built-in.



ML-ROBO - box
ML-ROBO - robot and module
ML-ROBO - box and content
ML-ROBO - Japanese manual
ML-ROBO - robot
ML-ROBO - content of box
ML-ROBO - module + control tray
ML-ROBO - robot (back)
ML-ROBO - C-BOL manual


Robot manipulation
C-BOL menu

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