Mitsubishi Move Master RM-101
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The Mitsubishi Move Master RM-101 was released in April 1982 as Japan's first "microrobot for education and research". It was followed by the better Move Master II RM-501 in 1983.

This robot was widely exported outside Japan as it was useful in technical schools.

The RM-101 can be controlled by a personal computer through a Centronics printer cable.

It can be programmed in two ways:

  • by using a Teaching Box with storing of all the movements by the computer
  • by directly programming it, using a mix of BASIC and Assembly languages

The full RM-101 package includes:

  • robotic arm
  • drive unit (whose memory can be expanded with EPROMs)
  • connection cables
  • manual
  • (optionally) teaching box
  • (optionally) standard hand
  • (optionally) Move Master MX-6000 computer

It's not a MSX product, but a special cable could be bought separately to use it with a MSX computer.

Original price : ¥350,000 (probably without the options)


Mitsubishi RM-101
Mitsubishi RM-101 back
Mitsubishi RM-101 in action
Mitsubishi RM-101 label
Mitsubishi RM-101 drive (inside)