Mitsubishi Roboty
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Roboty is an interface that needs to be used if you want to control the Diatone Z-10 or Z-30 audio intelligent system with the ML-8000 MSX1 computer. Roboty could be also controlled by Mitsubishi MULTI8 personal computer.

This interface includes a ROM with a control program.


The menu includes 4 options:

  • INPUT = you can switch on/off, adjust the volume, select the player (AM or FM radio receiver, turntable record player, tape desk 1 or 2, auxiliary input), select a song, etc...
  • KEY LIST = help screen with all the commands
  • RANDOM = random option to use the audio intelligent system
  • INTRO QUIZE = access to a music quiz with choice between 3 speeds





Roboty menu
Roboty - INPUT
Roboty - KEY LIST
Roboty - RANDOM
Roboty - music quiz
Roboty - music quiz