Sunrise MoonSound
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The MoonSound is the original OPL4 cartridge distributed by Sunrise.

Different versions of the MoonSound were made. Also the output connector in this first series is on a different place; on top of the cartridge. In version 2 the output connector is on the right side of the cartridge.

MoonSound version 1 has 128kB SRAM (1 socket) and version 2 a socket for a second SRAM IC. This can either be a 128kB SRAM chip (Part number: SONY CXK581000AP, Memory Capacity: 1M-bit, Function: (128k × 8-bit) LL, Access: 70 ns, Pins: 32, Package: DIP) or a 512kB SRAM chip (Part number: HITACHI HM628512LP-7, Memory Capacity: 4M-bit, Access: 70 ns, Pins: 32, Package: DIP).

The MoonSound comes with a cable (mini jack to 2 × cinch; stereo) to connect it to an amplifier. Also a black & white manual and the Moonblaster software is included.


  • Yamaha YMF278B OPL4 sound chip
  • Yamaha YAC513 DAC
  • 128 kB to 1024 kB SRAM
  • Yamaha YRW-801 ROM
  • External stereo audio output (TRS 3.5mm jack)

See OPL4 page for more specifications.


MoonSound cartridge
MoonSound v1.0 PCB
MoonSound v2.0 PCB