NHK Gakuen NUCN-01
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The NHK Gakuen NUCN-01 called Unit Connector is an adapter allowing to insert a Yamaha module with 60 pin in a standard 50 pin MSX cartridge slot. Video functions and MSX output from modules are not supported using this adapter.

There are 2 other similar adaptors for the same price:

These adapters are useful to transform any MSX computer into a SFG musical computer. They can also be used with other Yamaha modules such as RAM expansions or Kanji characters.

Note: NHK Gakuen also released the SFG-05 module as NSFG-05 and the FM Music Composer II (YRM-55 or YRM-501) as NYRM-55.

Brand NHK Gakuen
Model NUCN-01
Year 1984
Region Japan
Launch price ¥7.800
Package content


NHK Gakuen NUCN-01
NHK Gakuen NUCN-01 (+ NSFG-05 and NYRM-55)
NHK Gakuen NUCN-01 (+ NSFG-05 and NYRM-55) back