National CF-SM003
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The National CF-SM003 cartridge has been released in 1984. It is labelled 漢字ワードプロセッサユニット (Kanji Word Processor Unit) and was advertised for use in combination with the CF-2301 thermal printer.

The cartridge contains a Japanese word processor, in combination with a non-standard Kanji-ROM (JIS1) with 2965 characters + about 300 special characters. It has a 2kB SRAM on which you can save external characters, predicates and 30 words.

A switch on top of cartridge allows to enable or disable "Memory Power", it's probably related to the SRAM.

This cartridge has also a "sound reading training" feature and the Kanji font can be 'shared' with a National video peripheral, probably the CF-2601 superimpose unit.

Brand National
Type CF-SM003
Year 1984
Region Japan
Official price ¥49,800
Package content CF-SM003 cartridge
Emulation ROM dump needed



National CF-SM003 package
National CF-SM003 external box
CF-SM003 cartridge
CF-SM003 scan of external box
CF-SM003 internal box opened
National CF-SM003 switch
National CF-SM003 external box and internal box


Japanese Word Processor - intro screen
Japanese Word Processor

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