National FS-SR023
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National FS-SR023 labelled 48ドット毛筆書体 (48 dots brush typeface) is a 8Mbit cartridge released in 1987 by National for use with the National FS-4600F to allow it to print large typeface brush style text.

The cartridge contains a 48 dot "brush" style typeface and supports Kanji JIS1 and JIS2, Hiragana, Katakana, numerals, upper-case Latin and a selection of 54 additional characters.

This cartridge cannot be used a a regular Kanji ROM. In fact the box has a warning on the back that the cartridge cannot be used with the FS-4500, FS-4700 or other word processing software for MSX2.

Brand National
Type FS-SR023
Year 1987
Region Japan
Official price ¥19,800
Package content FS-SR023 cartridge
Emulation ROM dumped



National FS-SR023 box set
National FS-SR023 box set - rear
National FS-SR023 PCB

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