National FS-VG501
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The National FS-VG501 is a special unit with superimposing, digitizing and Telop capacities. It has an impressive amount of RAM (672kB) that allows a professional using of these capacities.

It was designed for MSX2 computers without these functions such as the FS-5000 and its video editing features can be compared with the Panasonic VW-KT300 video titler and VW-EC300 editing controller.

Its package included:

  • the cartridge interface FS-CV501 which contains a 32kB ROM
  • a floppy disk with an application related to the special video capacities

The official name is "Frame Memory Unit". It was released in Japan in November 1986. Launch price was ¥298,000.


National FS-VG501 floppy disk
National FS-VG501
National FS-VG501 back
National FS-CV501 cartridge
National FS-CV501 cartridge - PCB
National FS-VG501 detail
National FS-VG501 PCB with RAM
National FS-VG501 PCB


  • DIN input for camera
  • Three sets of RCA Video/Audio input
  • Two sets of RCA Video/Audio output
  • RGB21 input for computer
  • RGB21 input/output for TV
  • Connector for cable of FS-CV501 cartridge