Neos MS-10
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The MS-10 is a mouse released by Neos in Japan in early 1985 as the MS-10, bundled with Cheese on tape. Later that year they released other bundles, but the mouse remains the same and will have MS-10 written on the bottom. The mouse color is grey and the buttons are blue.

It was commonly bundled with either the Cheese drawing program on tape or cartridge, or for the MSX2 with Cheese 2 on cartridge.

Product Price JP Price NL Description
Neos MS-10 ¥14.800 ƒ175 Mouse + Cheese on tape
Neos MS-10R ¥16.800 Mouse + Cheese on cartridge
Neos MS-10R2 ¥17.800 ƒ190 Mouse + Cheese2 on cartridge
Neos MS-10S ¥12.800 Mouse only (no software)

It was imported in the Netherlands by Salasan.

Near identical versions were available from the following brands:

Brand Neos (Manufacturer: Mitsumi Electric)
Model MS-10
Year 1985 with Cheese
Region JP, Europe
Launch price see table above
Package content


Neos MS-10
Neos MS-10 label
Neos MS-10 box
Neos MS-10 content of box
Neos MS-10R2
Neos MS-10S
Comparison inside of Neos MS-10 (left) and Philips SBC 3810 (right) mice
Comparison PCB of Neos MS-10 (right) and Philips SBC 3810 (left) mice


200 CPI mouse.