Niga ESE-RAM Maximum
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ESE-RAM-Disk Maximum (似非RAMDisk MAXIMUM) is a MegaSRAM sold in Japan since 2020. This is not ESE-RAM compatible. This is an MegaSRAM of 2048kB with customisable operation by switches. It contains a battery to keep the SRAM content.

The contacts of the EDGE connector are tinned.

Price: 11,880 yen + shipping.

(Note: 似非 means fake in japanese)


ESE-RAM Maximum
ESE-RAM Maximum PCB back
ESE-RAM Maximum dipswitches


  • SRAM: 2048kB
  • Support R800 ROM/DRAM mode on MSX Turbo R and Panasonic MSX2+ turbo mode
  • 1 button switch to disable the cartridge ROM during the MSX boot
  • 1 switch to select pages size of MegaROM emulation (8K/16K)
  • 4 dip-switches to configure the SRAM
  • Battery CR-2032

Extra functions

SRAM operation mode is selectable by dip-switch. (see table below)

Swithes ➀ and ➁ select the segment order by default

Mapper segments selected on initialization
Off Off 0-0-0-0 (as ASCII 8K mapper)
ON Off 0-1-2-3 (as most other mappers)
Off ON 0-0-1-1 (as a few 16K mappers)
ON ON F-0-0-0 (as R-Type mapper)

Swithes ➂ and ➃ select the operating mode.

SRAM operation mode
Off Off Switch on 8K: 1024kB Write protected SRAM (mode used to write a ROM file)
Switch on 16K: 2048kB ESE-RAM if switch (mode used to write a ROM file)
ON Off Switch on 8K: 1024kB SRAM for game data
Switch on 16K: 2048kB ESE-RAM if switch
Off ON MegaROM mode (1024kB Write protected SRAM + 1024kB SRAM for game data)

Minimum Requirements

  • MSX1 (with disk to load the ROMs)
  • 1 cartridge slot free


  • DOSCHK - Software for building an environment compatible with both DOS1 / DOS2 (Nextor) by Yuu-Kun
  • ESECHK - ESE-RAM checker by Mikasen
  • MGSAVE1 / MGLOAD1 - MegaRom backup / loader by Mikasen
  • NextorPatcher - Tool for Windows by Konamiman to add a FlashROM-disk from 128kB to 1920kB
  • NGLOAD - MegaROM loader By Niga
  • SMGINST - Ramdisk tool by Yuu-Kun

You can download these software HERE.