Omron OHPS-I
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The Omron OHPS-I is a Health PC System that was very popular in Japan. Everyone was able to control his own blood pressure. It can be used with any MSX computer with at least 16kB RAM.

The package includes:

  • the HEM-90PC sphygmomanometer with the following elements:
    • an inflatable rubber cuff, which is wrapped around the arm
    • a digital automatic monitor
    • a cable to connect the rubber cuff to the monitor
  • the HEM-CART cartridge with
    • the Blood Pressure Program
    • a battery-backed RAM to store the data
  • an instruction manual
  • a case

The joystick port of the MSX computer is used to connect the sphygmomanometer.

The data could be stored in the cartridge RAM during 5 years and the cartridge RAM could be cleared 276 times.

Official price was ¥39,800 - It was also possible to buy only the cartridge for ¥15,000


The software allows to transfer the data to tape or printer. Later, another program was created for transferring the data to disk.

The function keys give access to the different modes of the program:

  • F1 = Measurement mode
  • F2 = Display mode (7 sub-options: 5 different graphics and 2 data display modes)
  • F3 = Correction mode (5 sub-options: change/register memo code, change record name, correct data, save to tape, load from tape)
  • F4 = Print mode
  • F5 = Back to MSX-BASIC



Omron OHPS-I case with content
Omron HEM-90PC
Omron OHPS-I detailed content


OHPS-I Measurement mode (F1)
OHPS-I Display mode (F2)
OHPS-I One of the 5 graphics
OHPS-I One of the 2 data displays
OHPS-I Correction mode (F3)
OHPS-I Data correction sub-menu