OpenMSX simplified
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The cross platform MSX emulator openMSX offers great flexibility and loads of features. However, many of them are presented as console commands, and some people - especially beginners - find it hard to dive into all this matter for the sometimes simple functionality they seek. Below is a list of console commands and explanations for such users. Not all functionality is listed though. An overload of possibilities can obfuscate the overview, and for many simple tasks this enormous depth isn't needed at all. For a complete overview of console commands there is the console documentation that has been made by the openMSX developers.

To reach the console, press F10 in the openMSX output window.





record start
record stop

With these commands, a file named openmsxNNNN.avi will be created. The NNNN represents a number and is automatically incremented.


record start <filename>
Records to the given file. For example record start nemesis2level4.avi

record start -prefix <filename>
This is basically identical to the simple record start with the difference that the user specifies the prefix name. For example record start -prefix parodius. With multiple recordings this will result in parodius0000.avi, parodius0001.avi, parodius0002.avi etc.


All channels

soundlog start
soundlog stop

Separate channels

Following a request from several composers who enjoy making game remakes, openMSX can export individual audio channels. This way it's very convenient to get all the note details right, without other channels obfuscating overall sound. Keep in mind that recording sound channels actually means recording a sound device. This means such a sound device will have to be connected to the extensions list if it isn't part of the particular emulated MSX.

record_channels start <device> <device> <device> etc.
record_channels stop

To record all channels from a Konami SCC game, use: record_channels start PSG SCC
To record all channels from a recent Micro Cabin game, use: record_channels start PSG "MSX MUSIC"
To record all channels from a Moonblaster classic tune, the most convenient way would be to choose the mbstereo device in the extensions list of Catapult. Then use: record_channels start PSG "MSX MUSIC" "Generic MSX-Audio"

Log files

The registers of several components of the MSX and its extensions can be recorded to a log file. For instance, when recording the registers of the PSG, all the PSG registers (volumes and frequencies of the three channels, noise color etc.) get dumped to a file for further inspection.

To log the PSG, use: reg_log "PSG regs"
To log the MSX-Music, use: reg_log "MSX Music regs"