PCCM Ninja Tap
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The Ninja Tap (忍者タップ) is an adapter designed by Knight's chamber then sold in Japan by PCCM. This adapter allows to use up to 4 joysticks by port.

Price was ¥ 4,000 with utility disk and 2 games (Cyber Operation - Magical Labyrinth).

Note: Only basic MSX controllers are supported. Mice and advanced functions from devices are not supported (additional buttons of Joymega & JoySNES, etc). FM-Towns controllers probably work but need confirmation for Run & Select buttons.

Software that supports this adapter:


Development tools:


PCCM Ninja Tap PCBs with front of upper PCB
PCCM Ninja Tap PCBs with front of lower PCB
PCCM Ninja Tap
PCCM Ninja Tap PCB/connectors
PCCM Ninja Tap prototype
PCCM Ninja Tap schematics by Jipe