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The standard sound chip in the MSX is called the PSG (Programmable Sound Generator). It can play either a tone or noise on each of its three voices. It also controls the Joystick ports and a few other things.

Like other parts of the MSX specification, the PSG chip was an off-the-shelf part. In this case the General Instrument AY-3-8910, which can also be found in many other systems of the era. This chip, or one of its clones, can be found in many MSX1 systems. In newer MSX systems, the PSG is often integrated in a chip called the MSX-Engine (or MSX-System).

List of fully compatible clones:

  • File KC89C72 (used in an Arabic MSX)
  • JFC 95101 (not used in MSXs)
  • Microchip Technology AY-3-8910A (not really a clone because Microchip Technology is an old division of General Instrument)
  • OY-2-8910AC (used in an Arabic MSX)
  • Toshiba T7766A (official clone)
  • WB5300 (rare, not used in MSXs)
  • Winbond WF19054 (rarely used in MSXs)
  • Yamaha YM2149 (official clone often used in MSXs)

Note: The PSG is sometimes also called the SSG (Software-controlled Sound Generator).

Software that uses the PSG for BGM and/or SFX.

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