PTC Print
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PTC Print was a Dutch magazine published by the PTC (Philips Thuiscomputer Club) association. The magazine covered the Philips P2000 and MSX home computers, and later the Philips x86 systems.

In addition to PTC Print they also published a News letter (Nieuwsbrief), which were perforated and meant to be bundled together in a binder to form a kind of book.

Despite the fact that the PTC still exists, as the PTCC, for now only a single issue appears to have been preserved online. If you have any scanned editions please add them to and add the links below.

Issue No. Old No. Supplement Generation-MSX Content
1985 1 Year 1, No. 1 [1]
1985 2 Year 1, No. 2
1985 3 Year 1, No. 3
1986-02 4 Year 2, No. 1 [2]
1986-04 5 [3] [4]
1995 83 Year 10,last one