Panasonic FS-A1
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The Panasonic FS-A1 was available in black and in red. It was aimed at the Japanese market. There is a white version that was sold in Italy as the Toshiba FS-TM1.

The computer comes with an external power adapter, it includes a pause button that allows users to pause the system at will.

Size: 380(W) x 63(H) x 230(L)mm
Weight: 1600g (unit) + 580g (AC adapter)
Official price: ¥29,800

The built-in firmware is the first version of the well-known Panasonic DESKPAC software (Clock, Stopwatch, Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, Message Board). The firmware can be skipped by pressing DEL key while booting.

Brand Panasonic
Type FS-A1
Year 1986
RAM 64kB
VRAM 128kB
Media MSX cartridges
Video Yamaha V9938
Audio PSG (integrated in MSX-Engine S1985)
Chipset Yamaha S1985
Extras DESKPAC firmware, pause button



Panasonic FS-A1 box and content
Panasonic FS-A1 label
Panasonic FS-A1 box
Panasonic FS-A1 (black)
Panasonic FS-A1 (black) back
FS-A1 & HB-F1 adapter
Panasonic FS-A1 (red)
Panasonic FS-A1 (red) back
Panasonic FS-A1 right side
Panasonic FS-A1 PCB
Panasonic FS-A1 PCB underside


DESKPAC Stopwatch
DESKPAC Calendar
DESKPAC Calculator
DESKPAC Message Board


The Panasonic FS-A1 is a MSX2 with 2 cartridge slots (one at the top, one at the back), a Z80A from ROHM (BU18400A-PS) and an MSX-Engine S1985 from Yamaha. The main board is different from the board of the FS-A1mkII.

The power adapter specifications are the same as the adapter for the Sony HB-F1.


  • RGB output
  • RF output
  • Analog sound & Composite video
  • Tape recorder connector
  • Centronics compatible Parallel port for a printer
  • 2 general connectors (joysticks, mouse, paddle controllers, ...)
  • 2 cartridge slots

Fixes, Repair and Upgrades