Panasonic FS-CA1
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The Panasonic FS-CA1 is the original MSX-AUDIO cartridge, fully implementing the MSX-AUDIO standard. The most important software feature is the inclusion of MSX-AUDIO BASIC that allows users to create songs in MSX-BASIC. Some Japanese software makers supported the FS-CA1 for music, Compile foremost amongst these. With these games, users could connect their MSX-Audio and enjoy an improved soundtrack similar to that of the MSX-MUSIC.

The FS-CA1 was intended for the Panasonic FS-A1 and FS-A1F MSX2 computers and the cartridge size was adjusted to fit well with that computer. Due to this its size it's very unwieldy; the cartridge connector is on the right hand side, making it stick out on most MSX computers. Most of the casing is empty though, and the PCB is not much larger than that of the Toshiba HX-MU900.

Official price: ¥34,800

This cartridge was only sold in Japan.


Panasonic FS-CA1 packaging
Panasonic FS-CA1 mainboard
Panasonic FS-CA1 RAM board
Panasonic FS-CA1
Panasonic FS-CA1 back connectors


  • 32KB of SampleRAM
  • 128kB MegaROM, containing:
    • 32kB MSX Audio BIOS/BASIC (MSX-MUSIC BASIC is a simplified version of it, but this original BIOS doesn't cost you any user RAM); try CALL AUDIO
    • 64kB sampleROM with ADPCM demo samples
  • 4kB work-RAM (for the MSX-AUDIO BIOS)
  • 1 switch to turn off the internal software

See MSX-AUDIO page for more specifications.


  • Connector for a standard MSX-AUDIO Music Keyboard (usually the Yamaha YK-01, YK-10 or YK-20 Music Keyboard. Also accepts the Toshiba HX-MU901)
  • 2 RCA mono Audio-out connectors
  • 1 big jack plug (microphone in)