Panasonic FS-CM820
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The Panasonic FS-CM8280 is a hybrid modem released in April 1987. Besides the part giving access to 'The LINKS' network with its specific protocol, it is full duplex at an 300/1200bps speed.

The cartridge includes

  • a 16kB ROM with two communication firmware: the NGA (Network Game Adapter) application and the first version of MSX-TELCOM, written by ASCII
  • probably a 8kB SRAM, but it needs to be checked
  • a switch for low/high speed

Note that a more advanced version of MSX-TELCOM, written by ASCII and Matsushita, is integrated in the FS-CM1 modem and the FS-A1FM computer.

The FS-CM820 reference appears also on the manual and probably the box, while the underside label of the cartridge says TMZ 1200 JKC, just like for the The LINKS VIIK cartridge.

Note that Panasonic released two versions: one with all texts in black and white, the other one with 'Panasonic" and 'FS-CM820' in red and the text 'Communication Modem', just like for the FS-CM1 modem.

Brand Panasonic
Type FS-CM820
Year 1987-04
Region JP
Official price ¥29,800
Package content
Emulation ROM dumped, but modem emulation not implemented in emulators



Panasonic FS-CM820
Panasonic FS-CM820 label
Panasonic FS-CM820 underside
Panasonic FS-CM820 close-up
Panasonic FS-CM820 with manual
Panasonic FS-CM820 right side


Panasonic FS-CM820 - intro menu
NGA - main menu
NGA - login info screen
NGA - loading screen
NGA - letter screen
NGA - receiver screen