Panasonic FS-IFA1
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The Panasonic FS-IFA1 is an interface to use peripherals for Panasonic personal word processors U1 series on MSX2 and higher computers.

The peripherals that can be used are listed below:

There are other image scanners (for example FW-RSU1 and FW-RSU1C - C = color), but they are not compatible with this interface and the provided software. Probably the bitstream conversion of black and white dots into a picture is encoded differently.

The top of the cartridge has a Mini-Din connector for the peripherals, and a connector for the provided external FS-AA121 power supply.

It was only sold in Japan.

Brand Panasonic
Model FS-IFA1
Region Japan
Launch price ¥9,800 + tax.
Package content


The floppy disks provided with the interface contain MSX-DOS 1 and utilities.

Disk 1

This disk contains an utility in screen 7 for the FW-PU1B handy printer.

The main screen has 2 pages, you can toggle between them with the CTRL key.

F1 to F5 keys give access to several menus:

Function key Page 1 Page 2
F1 Printer settings Characters creation
F2 File menu Logo menu
F3 Size menu Input menu
F4 Quality menu Document deletion
F5 Special characters Exit

F6 to F8 keys allow to insert special printing characters, F10 can be used to repeat a text sequence.

Other useful keys:

  • CAPS LOCK to use international characters
  • DEL
  • HOME to confirm text or selected option
  • INS
  • KANA to use Japanese characters
  • SELECT to enable/disable numbers in Kana mode
  • STOP to clear selected text or cancel selected option

Disk 2

This disk contains an utility for the FW-RSU1H/W image scanner.

You can scan pictures in screens 5 to 8. After selection of the screen type, you access a menu with 5 options:

  • Mode (new picture or merging with existing picture)
  • Colors (selection of the colors that will be ON = converted to white or OFF = converted to black) - note: the scanner has also a dithering switch to create gray tones
  • Scan (use ESC to stop this option)
  • Disk
  • Back to menu

The menu has an extra option on Panasonic MSX2+ machines: クラフィックツール (Graphic Tools). Options 1 to 3 of the sub-menu actually launch the Cockpit Video Graphics utility present on these machines, while respectively selecting keyboard, joystick or mouse.



Panasonic FS-IFA1
Panasonic FS-IFA1 PCB
FS-IFA1 PCB underside
FS-IFA1 top connectors
Panasonic FS-IFA1 - MSX2 disks
FS-IFA1 - MSX2+ disks
Panasonic FS-IFA1 underside
Panasonic FS-IFA1 box
Panasonic FS-IFA1 packaging
Panasonic FS-IFA1 manuals


Disk 1

Handy Printer menu
Handy Printer main screen page 1
Handy Printer main screen page 2
Handy Printer settings
Handy Printer - file menu
Handy Printer - size menu
Handy Printer - quality menu
Handy Printer special characters
Handy Printer characters creation
Handy Printer - logo menu
Handy Printer - input menu
Handy Printer - document deletion

Disk 2

Scanner menu on Panasonic MSX2+ (FS-A1FX, FS-A1WSX or FS-A1WX)
Scanner menu on any other MSX2 or higher
Scanner color options