Panasonic FS-SR021
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Panasonic FS-SR021 labelled MSX2用ワープロカートリッジ (MSX2 Word Processor) is a cartridge and disk released in 1988 by Panasonic.

The cartridge contains a Japanese word processor, in combination with a JIS1 and JIS2 ROM to provide Kanji support. It also has support for MSX-JE. The cartridge probably also has SRAM as it has a battery.

The Disk contains amongst others a 24 dot font.

Help needed
While the ROM is dumped, help is needed from someone who has the cartridge to reverse engineer the mapper and other details to allow it to be emulated. If you can help, see this thread.

Brand Panasonic
Type FS-SR021
Year 1988
Region Japan
Official price ¥24,800
Package content FS-SR021 cartridge
2DD 3.5" Disk
2 Manuals
Emulation ROM dumped



FS-SR021 box scan - front
FS-SR021 box scan - back
FS-SR021 disk and cartridge
FS-SR021 manuals



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