Panasonic Video Telopper FS-UV1
This page was last modified 10:11, 24 June 2016 by Gdx. Based on work by Mars2000you and Jorito.

Video Telopper FS-UV1 is a (big) cartridge for MSX2 to place an image or text on top of MSX image (Superimposition). MSX start on firmware, however All functions are handled from the Basic with following instructions.

  • Set the color 0 in transparent:

    VDP(9)=VDP(9) AND &HDF
  • Superimposition instruction:

    SET VIDEO vm,el,cbm,am,vos,voc

    vm = 0 or 1 for computer, 2 for superimpose, 3 for external video
    el (external luminance) = 0/1 for normal/half tone
    cbm (color bus mode) = 0 IN, 1 Out
    am (audio mode) = 0 ~ 3
    vos (video output select) = 0/1 for RGB/composite
    voc (video output control) = 0/1 for ON/OFF

The firmware is ignored by pressing DEL key at MSX's start up

FS-UV1 seems to use same I/O ports #88~#8b as the Neos Version UP Adapter MA-20.


Panasonic Video Telopper FS-UV1