Panasonic FS-UV1
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FS-UV1 is a (huge) cartridge for MSX2 to place an image or text on top of a video image (Superimposition). It has it's own Yamaha V9938 VPD for this purpose. Due to the size and weight of the cartridge, especially with cables attached, this cartridge is only meant to be used in an MSX with the cartridge slot on the top right.

Product name is "Video Telopper".


Panasonic Video Telopper FS-UV1
Panasonic Video Telopper FS-UV1
Panasonic Video Telopper FS-UV1 ports


The integrated firmware will automatically start, however all functions can be handled from Basic with the following instructions.

  • Set the color 0 to transparent: VDP(9)=VDP(9) AND &HDF

The adapter will automatically start the integrated firmware, which can by bypassed by keeping DEL pressed.

The FS-UV1 seems to use the same I/O ports #88~#8b as the Neos Version UP Adapter MA-20, which would make them mutually incompatible.

It also has an integrated Kanji-ROM JIS level 1 and 2.

It has SRAM which is backed up by two replaceable AA batteries. The adapter requires its own external power source.


  • RCA Mono Sound input
  • RCA Stereo Sound input
  • RCA Video input
  • RCA Stereo Sound output
  • RCA Video output
  • DIN RGB output
  • DC Power connector (DC 9.9V polarized minus at center, 0.6A)