Panasonic FW-HFU1
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The Panasonic FW-HFU1 is a postcard feeder, mainly designed to be used with the personal word processors U1 series.

However, it can also be used with the MSX Panasonic FS-PC1 printer. You need to remove the top cover of the printer to install and use this device, which is supported by the Word Processor built in many MSX2 and higher Panasonic computers.

A floppy disk is provided with the postcard feeder, but you can't use it on a MSX system.

Launch price: ¥9,800


Panasonic FW-HFU1 box
Panasonic FW-HFU1 front
Panasonic FW-HFU1 back
Panasonic FW-HFU1 content of box
Panasonic FW-HFU1 manual
Panasonic FW-HFU1 floppy disk
FW-HFU1 with FS-PC1 printer
FW-HFU1 with FS-PC1 printer