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Years active 1989-2000
Main activities games
Founded by Cas Cremers
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members Cas Cremers, Patrick Smeets
Former members
Website Parallax


Parallax was founded in 1989, for no other reason then to attach a group name to a product: Vectron. The group was mostly a one man group, run by Cas Cremers. However, others have assisted along the way in various ways, most notably Patrick 'patje' Smeets, who became part of the team as a graphics artist.

Vectron, an arcade game, was created as a bit of a joke, just to show that it could be done. Nevertheless, it won the first prize in the MCCM game-coding contest which was sponsored by Eurosoft. Unfortunately Eurosoft went bankrupt before Vectron was published.

Parallax then commenced working on ARC, a platform game. Preliminary demos of ARC attracted a few producers, one of which was Jan Jansen's Checkmark. This resulted in a fruitful cooperation in which Parallax created and Checkmark published the games ARC, Magnar and Black Cyclon.

Black Cyclon was a quite advanced game, as far as the coding was concerned. Amongst others it featured multiple layer detection and software sprites detected as walls by other sprites. Black Cyclon was also the first game in which they included an in-game memory editor, which was very useful for debugging and cheating. The same method of debugging was used in Akin.

During the development of Black Cyclon Cas used to play the Taito classic Bubble Bobble a lot, especially in two player mode. However they felt that Bubble Bobble lacked violence and a way to really annoy the other player apart from stealing bonuses. This inspired them to make the game Blade Lords, a game for one or two players in the style of Bubble Bobble.

After these games they considered making a scrolling game. As this is quite difficult to do on a normal MSX 2 machine and reverse-engineering some MSX-2 classics (like Dragonslayer 6, Y's III and Fantasm Soldier IV) didn't yield anything usable, they made their own engine and used it for Akin, a shooter platform adventure action game.

A much improved version of this engine was also intented for their sixth game Core Dump. However, due to a harddisk crash, resources were lost and development was halted.



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