Philips NMS 1212
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The Philips NMS 1212 is a RS-232C interface including a cartridge, a manual and a floppy disk.

This interface is also compatible with the RS-422 norm, historically used on Apple Macintosh computers. It allows an MSX computer to be coupled to a LAN (Local Area Network).

The adapter has two fixed cables attached, one for the RS-232C norm, one for the RS-422 norm. The RS-232C cable provides a DB-25 Male port. The RS-422 cable provides a DE-9 Female port.

The floppy disk includes

  • MSX-DOS 1
  • KERMITR.COM, a terminal MSX-DOS program for MSX1 and MSX2 computers, enabling to transfer files using the Kermit protocol
  • XMODEM.COM, a terminal MSX-DOS program for MSX2 computers, enabling to transfer files using the Xmodem protocol
  • XBASIC.BAT, an autoexecutable MSX-DOS file that installs the RS-232C BIOS 1.0 in RAM - the interface is indeed without any BIOS, the RS-232C BASIC instructions are only available after execution of this program or the corresponding AUTOEXEC.BAS on the same floppy disk
  • a RS-232C driver to enable advanced programmers to write communication programs in Assembler


Philips NMS 1212 interface, floppy disk and manual
Philips NMS 1212 box