Philips NMS 1510
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The NMS 1510 is a data recorder released by Philips. It's a re-branded version of the D6450 model, and was followed by the NMS 1515.

It can work with its power adapter or with batteries.

The same box was used for the NMS 1510 and 1515 devices, only a sticker allows to know which model is inside the box.

Brand Philips
Model NMS 1510
Region Europe
Launch price
Package content


NMS 1510 box - English side
NMS 1510 box - French side
Philips NMS 1510
Philips NMS 1510 manual
Philips NMS 1510 opened
Philips NMS 1510 back
Philips NMS 1510 underside
Philips NMS 1510 label
NMS 1510 PSU, cables, manual
NMS 1510 box detail