Philips NMS 3200/00
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The NMS 3200/00 interface is part of a complete system (hardware, software and firmware) developed by the Dutch coder Johan Bezem in 1985 for the Austrian company Profisoft, creating a network with MSX computers as workstations and a 286 PC (operating system UCSD-p) as server.

It was successfully marketed by Philips in 1986 as a network for schools in the CAI (Computer Assisted Instruction) system, under the name "NMS 3200/00 Webwork".

Note that the cable coming out from the left of the interface is connected to the D-SUB 9-pin connector, but the pinout is different from normal RS-232C cable.


Philips NMS 3200/00 interface
NMS 3200/00 interface - PCB
NMS 3200/00 cable connector