Pioneer CLD-900
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The Pioneer CLD-900 is a Compact Disc/LaserDisc player released in 1984, it exists in 2 versions:

  • the NTSC version for the American market with the same design as the Japanese CLD-9000 - it can be used with a Japanese MSX1 computer which has at least 32kB RAM and internally or externally provided support for LaserDisc attachment. This player has the 8-pin U-DIN connector required for this specific usage.

This version was also available under the NAD brand as NAD 5900.

  • the PAL version for the European market - it does not have the required connector to be used with a MSX1 computer


NTSC version

Pioneer CLD-900 NTSC with remote control
Pioneer CLD-900 NTSC back

PAL version

Pioneer CLD-900 PAL with remote control
Pioneer CLD-900 PAL back