Pioneer SD-25
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The Pioneer SD-25 is a top quality 25 inch color monitor manufactured and released in the United States by Pioneer in 1985. SD is the abbreviation for SEED (System Expandable), nickname used by Pioneer for its monitors.

This monitor can handle 4 separate video sources, includes a built-in stereo amplifier and 4 separate line-level outputs. Its sophisticated remote control has many features, it can even control the LD-700 LaserDisc player (and probably similar LaserDisc players).

The panel in front contains several settings and two locations for plug-in modules:

  • the first location is designed for one of the following modules:
    • SD-E5 (Video Enhancer Color Controller Pack)
    • SD-G5 (Video Game Pack)
    • SD-K5 (Karaoke Pack)
    • SD-R5 (RGB System Control Pack)
  • the second location is reserved for one of the Stereo TV Tuner Packs:
    • SD-X5 which uses the Japanese EIAJ (Electronic Industries Association of Japan) stereo sound standard
    • SD-X7 which uses the American MTS (Multichannel Television Sound) stereo sound standard

This monitor was especially designed to be used with the MSX1 Pioneer computers, which have superimpose features, and the LaserDisc players compatible with these computers.

Official product name is "Component Display" - Launch price: US$1300,00


Pioneer SD-25 remote control
Pioneer SD-25
SD-25 back - right part
SD-25 back - left part
Pioneer SD-25 control panel with 2 plugged modules