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JoySNES allows you to use a Joypad or mouse for SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment) on MSX computer. This adapter adds features to the controller such as Auto-fire, swapping A-B buttons, button mirrors, settings save, Start button and Select button...


JoySNES adapter

Default buttons mapping

Snes controler function
A A button
B B button
L A button
R B button
X A with autofire
Y B with autofire
Select UP + Down (as FM-Towns)
Start Left + Right (as FM-Towns)

Buttons inversion Setting

Snes controler function
Select + Start + L * Inverse L with R
Select + Start + R * Inverse A with B and X with Y

(*) Buttons must be pressed for about three seconds.

Buttons for mode selection

Snes controler function
X when MSX turned ON Set extended mode (with all buttons support)
Y when MSX turned ON Set standard mode (compatibility)

Patches that allows to play with the extra buttons of a SNES controller

Following patches replaces keys on the keyboard that are required during the game by extra buttons of SNES controller. This gives us a better game-play. Some patches even copy or move a key combination on a button. The controller must be switched to extended mode for these to operate.