Popolon MSX Memory Mapper
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This cartridge is a handy expansion to enlarge your computers memory. It contains a Memory Mapper of 1MB (1024kB). Mapper is controlled by a CPLD. This initializes the pages at MSX startup. So this Memory Mapper is fully compatible with the MSX1. It is compatible with 7 MHz upgrade kit and MSX Turbo R modes. It supports also long CPU Pause.

The PCB is the same as the first version of the Musical Memory Mapper but you cannot add the SN76489 chip because the CPLD is programmed differently.

The cartridge contacts are gold plated. The price was around €38 (2013~2014). It was also sold by Microsol in Brazil.

The MSX Memory Mapper was quickly replaced by the Musical Memory Mapper cartridge.

See the Manual for more information.


Popolon MSX Memory Mapper

Minimum System Requirements

  • MSX1 computer, one free slot cartridge


  • BMMS (Bigger Memory Mapper Selector)
  • CHKMEM.BIN (Utility that displays the slot of RAM, Memory Mapper and MegaRAM by LARK)
  • Mapper Info (by Yukke)
  • MEGA16.COM (loader for megaroms with 16k mapper)
  • MEMTEST.COM (RAM of Memory Mapper tester by Masatoshi Fujimoto)
  • TESTMAP.COM (RAM of Memory Mapper tester by Marteen)
  • SofaRom (MegaRoms and Roms loader by Louthrax)