Popolon-fr Sound Cartridge
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The Popolon's Sound Cartridge is a clone of the Sound Cartridge with from eight to sixteen times more RAM than original Sound Cartridge.

This extension was developed in 2020 by Popolon-fr. It allows you to run all SCC megaroms as well as original Snatcher & Super Deform Snatcher without applying any patch.

The cartridge contacts are gold plated.

Price (in 2020):

  • 42 € for 512kB version (no longer on sale)
  • 46 € for 1024kB version (on request only)
  • 49 € for 2048kB version

The shipping cost depends on your region.

The new Popolon's Sound Cartridge sold since the beginning of fall 2023 have a CR2032 battery which allows data to be kept for several months.
A touch button has also been added. The cartridge content is not executed when the case is touched during MSX startup (after turned on) until the beep sound. The price stays the same.


Popolon's Sound Cartridge
Popolon's Sound Cartridge PCB


  • 5 channels
  • Frequency (12-bit) and amplitude (4-bit) parameters are compatible with the PSG (AY-3-8910) from MSXs.
  • 11-bit DAC (D/A) labeled as Konami 051650 (parallel resistors in series)
  • The waveform of the chanels 4 and 5 are independent. (They are common on SCC)
  • Compatibility mode with the SCC chip. (default)
  • Waveform definable on 32 bytes for each channel
  • No envelope (automatic attenuation of volume)
  • The audio is output through the mixer on the main unit side via the audio input of the cartridge slot.
  • MegaRAM of 512/1024/2048kB handled with a 8K mapper (same as the Sound Cartridge mapper)
  • CPU turbo support
  • MSX pause support

The choice of the RAM amount is made at the purchase time but you can add it yourself if you know how to solder the SMD chips.


See also HERE for more general software.


Sound cartridge can also be used in extra to another SCC device to add voices in few Konami's games enhanced by patches below.


Emulated in openMSX.