Prosoft Autoboy PSJ-2000
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The Autoboy PSJ-2000 is a special joystick that was sold in South Korea by Prosoft. Its size (21 x 15 cm) is big, compared with a normal joystick. The manufacturer seems the same as for the ASCII AS-7749-MX.

On top of the device, there are four switches and a rotary knob:

  • the first switch is for selecting the mode (MSX or Sega/Famicom)
  • the second switch allows to enable/disable the autofire
  • the rotary knob is used to adjust the fire speed according the played game
  • the third switch is for continuous autofire without pressing the fire buttons
  • the fourth switch allows to enable/disable the autofire turbo mode

There are also two LEDs between the stick and the fire buttons:

  • the first LED lights up when you press one of the three fire buttons (in MSX mode: only 2 fire buttons are enabled)
  • the second LED will blink at a variable speed, according the fire speed selected with the rotary knob

The playability of this joystick is not very good, for 2 reasons:

  • you have to put it on a table to play with it because of its size
  • it does not use micro-switches as the stick is in rubber and makes contact with a different pole when you move it, what gives inaccurate moves and reduced service life
Brand Prosoft
Model Autobiy PSJ-2000
Region Korea
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Prosoft Autoboy PSJ-2000