Quickshot QS-127
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The Quickshot QS-127 is a set of wireless joypads released in Europe. The product name is "Starfighter 1".

It requires four AAA batteries per controller. The controllers communicate with the base station using infrared (IR). You need to attach a included DB25 cable to the base station which splits out to provides two DE-9 connectors and two NES connectors.

In addition to the D-Pad and two trigger buttons, the controllers have a few more buttons and switches:

  • Player 1 / Player 2 switch - To select which player is using which controller
  • Power Off / Auto Fire / Off Auto switch - To power off the controller, and select if auto-fire should be enabled (probably for trigger button 1 only)
  • Start / Select - Start and select buttons for NES mode
  • Slow Motion switch - Frame by frame for NES mode


The base station has a multi-system select switch to select between (A) SEGA, (B) MSX and (C) ATARI/COMMODORE mode.

Note: There are several other models of Quickshot "Starfighter" joypads.

  • QS-200 Starfighter 1 is for Atari & Commodore
  • QS-157 Starfighter 2W is for NES
  • QS-181 Starfighter 3B is for Sega Megadrive & Genesis
  • QS-192 Starfighter 3W is for Sega Mastersystem
  • QS-173 Starfighter 3+3 is for Sega Megadrive & Genesis
  • QS-191 Starfighter 5 is for PC

They all look very similar at first glance. Before purchasing for use with your MSX, ensure it looks like the pictures below, that it has the system select switch.


Quickshot QS-127
Quickshot QS-127 - set
Quickshot QS-127 - battery compartment
Quickshot QS-127 - base station
Quickshot QS-127 - cables
Quickshot QS-127 - box set
Quickshot QS-127 - system select
Quickshot QS-127 - box
Quickshot QS-127 - box
Quickshot QS-127 - box
Quickshot QS-127 - box