Quickshot QS-137F
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The Quickshot QS-137F is a joystick released in Europe. The product name is "Python 1M". The M stands for Microswitch, which gives a more tactile response then leaf switches.

It has an autofire function that can be enabled for Trigger A only.

It was also sold under another brand: Tecnoplus TP-137M.

Brand Quickshot
Model QS-137F
Year 1991
Region Europe
Launch price
Package content


The multi-system select switch can be switched between (A) ATARI/COMMODORE, (B) MSX, (C) AMSTRAD or (D) SEGA. It's also the case of the QS-130F Python 1, that is the same, but with leaf switches.

Note: There are several other models of Quickshot "Python" joysticks:

  • QS-130N Python 2 for NES
  • QS-135 Python 3 for Sega Megadrive
  • QS-189 Python 5 for PC
  • QS-197 Python 2B for SNES
  • QS-197E Python 2B for SNES

They all look very similar at first glance. Before purchasing for use with your MSX, ensure it looks like the pictures below, that it has the system select switch and just two trigger buttons.


Quickshot QS-137F box
Quickshot QS-137F box (back)
Quickshot QS-137F
Quickshot QS-137F box
QS-137F underside
Quickshot QS-137F with box