Quickshot QS-155
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The Quickshot QS-155 is a flight controller released in Europe. The product name is "Aviator 1". It has an artificial horizon indicator, but seeing how this functions as a digital joystick, it is just a gimmick and has no practical purpose. It has two sets of trigger buttons, so you can choose if to use the front or rear buttons on the grip.

It can connect to two joystick ports simultaneous and the player can be selected with a switch. This also allows the joystick to potentially be used with two different systems without changing cables around.

It has Auto-fire for both trigger buttons, controlled by switches adjustable between off, medium and high fire rate.


The multi-system select switch can be switched between (A) ATARI/COMMODORE , (B) MSX, (C) AMSTRAD or (D) SEGA

Note: There are several other models of Quickshot "Aviator" flight controllers.

  • QS-153 Aviator 2 is for NES
  • QS-156 Aviator 3 is for Sega Megadrive
  • QS-151 Aviator 5 is for PC
  • QS-152 Aviator 6 is for PC and Apple

They all look very similar at first glance. Before purchasing for use with your MSX, ensure it looks like the pictures below, and that it has the system select switch.


Quickshot QS-155
Quickshot QS-155
Quickshot QS-155 - back
Quickshot QS-155 - left
Quickshot QS-155 - right
Quickshot QS-155 - cables
Quickshot QS-155 - overview