RGB21 connector
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The RGB21 connector (called also RGB Multi) is the same connector that is used for SCART, but the pinout has a different meaning.

Specifications are also more or less different. This connector is a standard established by EIAJ (EIAJ CPR-1201).

Note: A similar pinout can be found on the 25-pin D-Sub Victor HC-90/HC-95 RGB Connector, but there are differences:

  • there are 4 extra non-connected pins, whose utility is unknown
  • the HC-9X doesn't have C-Sync & YS inputs nor video out, and RGB21 doesn't seem to have the same SYNC OUT

Pinout (RGB and Composite Video)

RGB21 connector

Pin Description Signal level Impedance
1 Audio left/mono channel input 0.4V (rms) 47 kΩ
2 Audio left/mono channel output 0.4V (rms) 10 kΩ
3 Audio channel inputs ground
4 Audio channel outputs ground
5 Audio right channel input (N.C. on MSX) 0.4V (rms) 47 kΩ
6 Audio right channel output (N.C. on MSX) 0.4V (rms) 10 kΩ
7 C-Sync input ground
8 C-Sync output ground
9 C-Sync (Composite Video) input 1V (p-p) 75 Ω
10 C-Sync (Composite Video) output 1V (p-p) 75 Ω
11 AV control input 3 ~ 5V 22k Ω
12 YM input (RGB video mask) 1 ~ 3V 75 Ω
13 Red signal ground
14 YM & YS ground
15 Red signal (I/O) 0.7 V (p-p) 75 Ω
16 YS input 0 ~ 0.4V = Composite mode
1.0 ~ 3.0V = RVB mode
75 Ω
17 Green signal ground
18 Blue signal ground
19 Green signal (I/O) 0.7 V (p-p) 75 Ω
20 Blue signal (I/O) 0.7 V (p-p) 75 Ω
21 Plug shield

List of MSX hardware with RGB21 connector


Model Generation
National CF-3000 MSX1
National CF-3300 MSX1
National FS-4000 MSX1
National FS-4500 MSX2
National FS-4700 MSX2
National FS-5000F2 MSX2
National FS-5500F1 MSX2
National FS-5500F2 MSX2
Sanyo MPC-11 MSX1
Sanyo MPC-25F MSX2
Sanyo MPC-25FD MSX2
Sanyo MPC-25FK MSX2
Sanyo MPC-25FS MSX2
Sanyo MPC-27 MSX2
Sanyo PHC-50FD2 MSX2
Sony HB-701 MSX1
Sony HB-701FD MSX1
Sony HB-F5 MSX2
Sony HB-F500 MSX2
Sony HB-F750 MSX2
Victor HC-7 MSX1
Victor HC-80 MSX2


Other devices

How to make a RGB21 to SCART cable

Connect the wires as follows:

RGB21 Signal SCART
15 Red signal 15
19 Green signal 11
20 Blue signal 7
10 Sync/Video 20
2 Audio left 6
6 Audio right 2
11 +5V (or better +12V) 8
7, 3, 21, 13, 18 and 17 Corresponding grounds 5, 9, 18, 13, 14 and 17
21 Plug shield 21

It is often necessary to add the following components:

  • A 100~220μF polarized capacitor on each RGB pin of the scart. (Three same capacitors, the + connected on the wire that go to the RGB21 connector)
  • A 100 Ω resistor between the pin 8 of RGB21 and the pin 16 of the SCART.