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Years active 1988-2010
Main activities demos, games
Founded by The Kid
Area The Netherlands
Current/final members Rambi, Runner
Former members The Kid
Website Delta Soft



Delta soft is a group of MSX freaks that, in the past decades, made several demo's and a few games. Since the fair in Tilburg 1997 they have become more active in the MSX world. It's their goal to help keep the MSX alive. Over the years they received assistance from several die hard MSX users to enable Delta Soft to make the most out of their software, which is 95% written in MSX-BASIC. The Kid stopped his activities for Delta Soft since January 2011.


  • Rambi is mainly the PR man of Delta Soft. He does a little programming and is concerned with testing their programs. He is also the organiser of their visits at fairs.
  • The Kid is the main programmer of Delta Soft. He is responsible for the biggest part of all programming. All of the programs are for 95% written in basic, simply because he doesn't know any other language and because he feels the most comfortable in this language.
  • Runner



  • Nms 8245 Demo
  • Michael Jackson Demo
  • Nemesis 2 Scc Demo
  • Salamander Scc Demo
  • Starship Rendezvous Demo
  • Mega Demo
  • Mega Demo 2
  • Mega Demo 3
  • Lucky Luke Demo
  • Delta Demo
  • Mega Demo 4 Promo
  • Mega Demo 4 Party Mix
  • Delta Demo 2
  • Mega Demo Remastered


  • De Konami Quiz
  • Delta's Picture Puzzle Collection 1
  • Delta's Picture Puzzle Collection 2
  • Thunderbirds Are Go Promo
  • Thunderbirds Are Go
  • Oss Puzzel 2000
  • Find It Promo
  • Find It
  • Find It MSX2+/Turbo R Patch Disks
  • Find It MSX2+/Turbo R
  • Musical Memory
  • Konami Quiz 2 Promo
  • Konami Quiz 2 - The Lost Cartridges
  • Konami Quiz 2 Patch 1.1
  • Lucky Darts
  • Konami Quiz 2 Celebration Patch
  • Thunderbirds To The Rescue Promo
  • Thunderbirds To The Rescue

Music disks

  • Findit Replayer
  • Findit MSX2+/Turbo R Replayer


  • Delta Soft Tool Disk
  • Power Menu


  • Xak 1 Engels
  • Sorcerian Engels
  • Feedback Engels


  • Metal Gear 2 Maps
  • De Geschiedenis Van De Bismarck
  • Delta's Patch Disk


  • Delta Soft 1988-2000 Collection Cd
  • Delta Soft Complete 128Mb Cf
  • Delta Soft Complete 210Mb Cd

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