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RamonMSX (Ramon Verlinden) was the main graphics artist from Hegega. His first large production on the MSX scene was Teacher's Terror, and after that he made more graphics for Bet Your Life and other Hegega productions. His last released MSX product was 100% Music, a music disk made in collaboration with Hegega's composer SoundWave and Zelly from Mayhem.

After 100% Music, Ramon started working on a solo project in the RPG contruction tool Dante-2 by MSX-Magazine/Ascii corporation. The idea was to create a complete Cyberpunk RPG called CIPHER, inspired by SD Snatcher, Illusion City and other cyberpunk MSX games. Due to lack of time and other interests the game never reached completion.

Lastly Ramon was known for his SD Snatcher fan site. This fan site contains detailed information, maps and enemy data and also features other interesting tidbits like the 'origins' section that feature side-by-side images of SD Snatcher and the movies it was heavily inspired by.


as designer

as programmer

  • CIPHER (unreleased)

as writer

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