Rom Hunter mkII
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ROM Hunter mkII is a 256kB MegaRAM cartridge that supports by hardware ASCII 8K/16K and Konami (without SCC) mappers. The cartridge also contains a 8kB ROM with backup tool to tape. It also supports MegaROMs with Konami SCC mapper by applying a patch.

You need to insert the ROM Hunter cartridge in the first cartridge slot, and the ROM to be dumped in the second slot. This will allow you to access the built-in dumping tool for dumping the ROM to tape. To backup to disk, you need to first boot to the built-in backup tool, insert the included disk and exit to BASIC. This will cause the disk backup tool to be started from disk.

The 256kB MegaRAM allows for running the backed up ROM, and is not used for the dumping process. It can be used as a 16kB RAM expansion on MSX1.

Brand Daito Micom System
Year 1986
Region Japan
Official price 25,000 yen
Package content The cartridge, a floppy disk, user's manual
Emulation openMSX 0.15.0-334-g705cac3ae and later


Rom Hunter mkII packaging
Rom Hunter mkII PCB
Rom Hunter mkII PCB back
Rom Hunter mkII box
Rom Hunter mkII cartridge
Rom Hunter mkII description

Minimum System Requirements

  • MSX1 computer, 2 free cartridge slots (the second to make the dumps)