Sakhr DM-6402
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The DM-6402 is a data recorder that was sold by Sakhr/Al Alamiah in Arabic countries. The Sakhr logo is not present on this device, but some exemplars have an Arabic logo. The data recorder is unusual as it is powered from the MSX Joystick port.

Like the AX-330, AX-660 and AX-990 computers, it has been manufactured in Taiwan. The official name is "Datacorder Unit".

Brand Sakhr
Model DM-6402
Region Middle East
Launch price
Package content


Sakhr DM-6402
Sakhr DM-6402M box
Sakhr DM-6402 underside
Sakhr DM-6402 with Arabic logo
Sakhr DM-6402 without Arabic logo
Sakhr DM-6402 label