Salora MSX
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Salora MSX is the common name that we can use for two different prototypes and a never released MSX1 computer.

The Finnish Salora company was in negotiations with three Japanese companies, Toshiba, Mitsubishi and Fujitsu. Apparently, the intention was to release a computer with 64kB RAM and a keyboard adapted to the Finnish alphabet:

  • the prototype currently on display in the Salo Electronics museum is a re-branded Toshiba HX-10
  • the prototype shown in the eighties is a re-branded Mitsubishi ML-F80
  • there is no prototype of the planned Fujitsu MSX with two MSX cartridge slots

This project was dropped because Nokia, who had bought Salora in 1984, saw it dangerous for his professionnal MikroMikko1 and 2 computers. However, Toshiba released later the Toshiba HX-10SF in Finland.


Salora MSX - Toshiba prototype
Salora MSX - Mitsubishi prototype
Salora MSX (Toshiba) right side
Salora MSX (Toshiba) back